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Painting your stairs in the perfect way

Painting your stairs in the perfect way

Painting your stairs in the perfect way 

Painting a stairs is not that difficult, yet it does cost you a lot of time. Keep in mind it will take you at least a week, depending on how much glue has been used to put on the previous carpet. Also, if you need to use the stairs to go up, you mind paint every other stair step to keep a walk way free. Every layer of paint needs to dry properly, also this takes time. The best choice is to take a acrylpaint, because this is a pretty hard paint. You can decide to give the stairsteps an extra finishing layer of clear laque, for extra protection.

Have a look at the explanation of the Gamma painting a stairs, a clear manual for how to handle this renovation. 

A small critical note from me is, that kitting the ground surface should be done before the basecoat is applied. If the cracks in the connections of the stairs are too big, after some time the stairs could start to squeak. Did you buy the stairs as a DIY kit and the materials are already base coated? In that case start finishing it with kit and the acryl final layer of paint. Do keep in mind that a painted stairs is a lot more slippery than a carpet stairs, so consider to buy a PVC half moon stairmat or an antislip rubber stair tape. 

Blog writer: Dennis van de Burg


Written on  21 juni 2018



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