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Non-slip adhesive strip, the best replacement for carpet stair mats

Got old halfmoon stair mats and need a replacement? Think of a non-slip adhesive strip, best 

safety possible!

The non-slip adhesive strip is the best solution for your stairs. Create more safety in just a couple of hours. This product is very easy to apply by everyone, so no need for hiring a professional. The strip is very easy to clean and often a cheaper solution then the carpet stairmats. 

Half moon stairmats are available in a lot of models, colors and sizes, but also a lot of different qualities. A carpet one can already be purchased up from €50,-. Often they are of low quality and a frequently heard complaint is that they don't stick to the treads very well or start to curl up around the edges pretty soon. Also it is not very easy to keep the carpets clean. Think of living with pets or children, this will not be easy at all! 

The more expensive ones from Sisal for example are a lot better. These are super strong, have a perfect gluelayer and they are a little bit easier to clean then the cheap ones. For a complete stairs this will cost you about €130,-.

The non-slip adhesive stair strip is pretty good alternative though. The strip has a good width for optimum grip, also the thickness will help to provide that. This product is very sustainable. They last for years, will not curl up, have a solid adhesion to most surfaces and are very easy to clean. For an entire stairs you will not pay more then €50,-.

A big advantage with the non-slip adhesive strip that it is very easy to apply by anyone, we send you a instruction flyer and also have a instruction video you can watch.



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