The brand of non-slip rubber tape

To arise

The anti-slip rubber tape brand was created in 2013, in response to many consumer complaints about making stairs in rental properties safe. The existing adhesive tapes did not meet expectations. They shifted, tore, broke under the shoes, were difficult to straighten and had a short lifespan.

Target audience

The non-slip rubber tape is suitable for anyone who wants a safe and durable staircase. It is a good alternative to the milling strip, which is often not used in rental properties.


The anti-slip rubber tape is made of a special type of plastic with an elastomer addition. This makes the tape smooth and strong, and does not feel sharp. The adhesive layer is suitable for most surfaces. The tape is 2.8 mm wide and 2 mm thick. The grooves are 1 mm deep. The tape has a 2-year quality guarantee on wear and construction.


More information about the anti-slip rubber tape can be found at www.antisliprubbertape.com