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The anti-sliprubber tape.com brand

The antisliprubbertape.com brand was created in 2014, due to a lot of requests & questions we received from people who were looking for a solution to create a safe stairs in their rental homes. Very often, when houses are rental, there is no possibility to make big changes to the house. 

At that time, various types of adhesive tapes were available to provide the stairs with a non-slip surface. The tapes were not satisfactory at all. Frequently heard complaints were sliding of the tapes, tearing of clothing due to rough material (sandpaper), breaking of tape with the shoes, the tape is difficult to apply in one straight line and especially a short lifespan. The anti-slip rubber tape has been developed based on these complaints.

Often at normal house stairs you see some sort of ridge accompanied with a narrow plastic strip. This is a typical standard in average staircases, produced in a staircase factory. That is why this specific narrow rubber strip has been available for many years in different colors and sizes, easily bought online or in the construction market. 

This is usually not done for a staircase in a rental house (due to additional costs). Many Dutch rented houses are therefore intended for carpets covered staircases. Most housing associations do not agree with a rubber strip being added to every stair tread. We believe this has to do with the additional costs of about €150 per stairs. In this case, if you do would like to have a safe stairs, you have to come up with another solution. 


When developing this anti-slip rubber tape, four conditions were set:

1. Provides a very strong anti-slip for each surface.
2. Strong for long-term use.
3. Easy to apply by everyone.
4. Circular product.


1. Provide a great anti-slip effect for every stair surface.

Making stair tread safe using a tape with the properties of a strip but actually better.  We decided to provide the tape with tiny ridges, and also created a wider strip than the regular ones. This creates an optimal anti-slip effect and makes the strip also suitable for small children's feet and not sharp for walking on bare feet.

2. Strong for long-term use.

The composition of the material is specially invented for this purpose, a PVC with an elastomer as an addition, which makes the tape pleasant to the touch, not sharp, but flexible and strong. The bottom has a strong adhesive (glue) layer which is suitable for most surfaces. This creates a product of very high durability. The tape is a purely 100% Dutch product, which is produced under strict ISO standards. That is why anti-slip rubber tape.com gives a whopping 2 years 100% guarantee on wear-out and construction.

3. Easy to apply by everyone.

The tape is wide, thick and flexible, making it easy to be applied in a beautiful straight line, even if you do not have regular do-it-yourself experience. The only thing you have to ensure is that the surface is properly degreased/cleaned. That is why standard cleaning wipes are included with every order.

4. Circular product.

The material used for the anti-slip rubber tape has a green edge and is highly recyclable, so that the environment is minimally polluted and recyclable comes back and is used for new products, so that the raw materials are not exhausted and a circular economy is created.