2-year full warranty on wear and construction

What is covered?

Our non-slip rubber tape comes with a full 2-year warranty on wear through the top layer and the construction of the adhesive layer. This means that if the tape becomes detached from the adhesive layer within this period due to wear or a defect, we will send you a new tape free of charge.


To claim your warranty, you must:

Have the original warranty seal, which you can find on the packaging or assembly instructions.
Have a receipt or invoice for the product.
Send these documents to [website] and we will send you a new tape.

Why this guarantee?

We developed the anti-slip rubber tape together with TU Delft students. We have tested for years to ensure the best quality and durability.

The tape is made of a special type of plastic that is strong, durable and easily recyclable. The adhesive layer has been specially developed for use on stairs and other sloping surfaces.

Our quality guarantee mark

Our quality guarantee mark guarantees that the product is of consistent quality. We produce the tape in the Netherlands under very strict requirements according to the ISO certification system.