Anti-slip rubber tape: a better choice than traditional anti-slip tape?

Anti-slip rubber tape has a number of advantages over traditional anti-slip tape. The main benefits are:

  • Unique anti-slip grooves: The grooves of this anti-slip work very well, in combination with the thickness, it has a breaking effect, especially when walking down stairs.
  • Thicker and stronger: Anti-slip rubber tape is thicker and stronger than traditional anti-slip tape. That is why the tape is also called a strip (due to its thickness). This makes it less likely to be damaged and lasts longer. Anti-slip rubber tape is 2 mm thick and 28 mm wide.
  • Easier to Apply: Non-slip rubber tape is easier to apply than traditional non-slip tape. The strength of the anti-slip tape makes it very easy to stick it in a nice, straight line.
  • Easier to Clean: Non-slip rubber tape is easier to clean than traditional non-slip tape. The tape is moisture resistant and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

.Comparison with traditional anti-slip tapes

Traditional anti-slip tape is often made of a sandpaper-like layer. Sandpaper tape is thin, tears easily, is difficult to stick straight and rubs when walking. The sandpaper tape is difficult to clean, hair and dust lint are very difficult to remove. They also quickly become dull on the treads.

Non-slip rubber tape

Anti-slip rubber tape is made from a composition of PVC and an elastomer. This gives the tape a rubbery texture. The tape has anti-slip grooves so that the tape also works very well in damp areas and therefore has a non-slip surface. The tape is thicker and stronger than sandpaper tape. This makes it easier to apply and clean.

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Non-slip rubber tape can be used in various places where a non-slip surface is needed. Some examples are:

  • Stairs
  • Floors
  • Platforms
  • Walkways
  • Bathrooms


Non-slip rubber tape is a better choice than traditional anti-slip tape. The tape is thicker, stronger, easier to apply and clean. This makes it a more durable and safer solution for non-slip surfaces.