About antisliprubbertape.com

"Making as many stairs as possible safe again, thats what wedo it for!" Joyce and Simon (Daughter & Father

Joyce & Simon

Safe stairs for the win

Many stairs in the Netherlands are steep and have shallow steps. That's not nice, because an accident can easily happen. Unfortunately, many accidents happen on the stairs every year, sometimes with serious consequences.

A solution

Joyce and Simon are convinced that a good safety strip is the solution to this problem. That's why they developed anti-slip rubber tape in 2014. This product was developed together with students from TU Delft and meets all high requirements.

A safe staircase for everyone

You can make every staircase safer with anti-slip rubber tape. Whether you are young or old, with this tape you can walk up and down the stairs without worry.

Joyce and Simon are proud

Joyce and Simon are proud of what they have achieved. They have already made many stairs safe and they want to help many more people walk up and down the stairs safely.

What can you do?

Do you also want a safe staircase? Then go to Joyce and Simon's website and order anti-slip rubber tape.