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Alcohol pads

Item No.: 2111G

Non-slip strip cleaning wipes a set suitable for 1 standard staircase. A set consists of 10 wipes.

The anti-slip strip cleaning wipes are super useful for degreasing and cleaning the surface of the steps. Before you apply the anti-slip strips you will first degrease the surface with these wipes. The cloth is alcohol-based and dries and degreases fine. For optimum adhesion of the anti-slip strip, use alcohol wipes.


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Use these alcohol cloths to create an optimal attachment of the strip to its surface.

Always try out to clean a small piece of your surface, to see if it doesn't effect the paint layer, some acryllic paints are sensitive to this. A set contains of 10 cloths, which is enough for your whole stairs. You can use one cloth for cleaning around 3 stair steps.


The cloths are packed per piece in an airtight bag, and after opening the packaging, it can be used for about half an hour. Clean the surface of where you are gonna apply your antislip strip, let it dry a little to the air and do not touch the surface again after that with your fingers.


  • Measurements: 60x30mm per cloth.
  • Alcohol: 70%.
  • Expiration date: 2 years in closed packaging.