Your anti-slip rubber strip is on its way or has already been delivered and it's time for assembly!

It is 2023 and we at Anti-Slip Rubber Tape are also concerned about the environment. That is why we now offer the assembly instructions digitally and no longer printed with your order.

Better for the world, just as easy to install! Thanks for understanding!


Scroll down and choose:

1) Assembly instructions in PDF.

2) Assembly video.

3) Mounting explanation in text.



Make sure you thoroughly degrease the surface with a cleaner or degreaser such as alcohol or paint degreaser.

If the strip is cold and stiff, process at room temperature for best results.

Make sure you provide the steps with a pencil line or use a corner template for sticking in a straight line.

Touch the glue layer with your fingers as little as possible.

Press the Anti-Slip strip firmly with a pressure roller.


Mounting explanation in text

Anyone can do this with a little explanation. Read the 7 simple steps again, if you are still in doubt, ask the local home decorator, or a good acquaintance / family member who is a bit handy to do this for you.

Step 1: Use a pencil to draw a few lines on the step, about 2.5 cm from the front of the step.

Step 2: Stick a strip of painter's tape along these pencil marks and press it in the corners. Cut off the edges so that you have exactly the length of the stair step in tape.

Step 3: Carefully pull the painter's tape off the stair tread and stick it on a piece of non-slip rubber strip. Cut the strip at the ends of the painter's tape so that it is the same length as the tape. Peel off the tape from the strip.

Step 4: Thoroughly clean your steps with alcohol or a good paint degreaser so that they are free of grease and dust.

Step 5: Make sure the cut strips are at room temperature.

Step 6: Peel off a piece of strip and start sticking in the corner. Little by little, you peel off the protective sheet for the adhesive layer and press the strip onto the stair step. Take into account the pencil marks you made earlier.

Step 7: Press the strip even more firmly with a pressure roller, so that you can apply a lot of force.