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Prevent glancing of your slippery stair treads with this perfect non-slip adhesive stair tape. 

Non-slip adhesive stair tape grey 

The staircases in a normal home are usually lined with carpet. This is a quick and beautiful solution but in the course of time the steps get dirty and full of stains. When you have pets or when you have a dust allergy this carpet is not a great solution. Most of the time this is a reason why people decide to paint the stairs. But, when you choose to paint your stairs, it takes a matter of time before the edges are getting bare again and that makes the steps slippery as well. 

If you do want to paint your stairs, we advice you to go see a specialist and ask for the best solution for your stairs. In addition, you could choose for a non-slip adhesive rubber strip to stick on to your threads for extra safety. Seriously interested in painting yours stairs in a proper way? 

Read our tips and tricks about painting your stairs.

Our non-slip adhesive strips are very strong and have a perfect grip for safe treads, isn't that exactly what you are looking for? This is the quickest and cheapest way to get your stairs as safe as you want them! These strips are very durable for years of enjoyment!

 Order it online and receive your adhesive strips within 2-8 days! 


  • Doesn't feel sharp on your feet and is very childfriendly.
  • Doesn't curl on the edges.
  • This strip is very easy to clean for a beautiful look.
  • The material doesn't discolour.
  • Attaches securely to any paint or finish, even on oiled wood like mono coating.