Handrailing on the wall for a ultra safe stair situation! 

If we look at our home, the most accidents happen on the stairs. Lets go down the stairs quickly to get something,and we might slip. You know how it is when you are in hurry and there might not be a proper handrailing and that is the moment it goes wrong! Putting up a proper handrail in your home is a sure way to prevent accidents from happening. There are a lot of options these days for wonderful handrailings.  

Even though a traditional wooden round handrailing is still the most often used handrailing, there are also other options available. Think of an RVS handrailing for a solid appearance, or a traditional back to the '30 handrail style? If you are chosing a new handrailing, make sure you use a proper supporter and apply it firmly to the wall. Please consider there are multiple models available on the internet, yet not all of them are good quality or solid material. It might be better to invest in a bit more expensive one than one that is to cheap and accidents will still happen by pulling the complete handrail of the wall.

Stair Care is such a shop where you can buy handrailing and all the extra supplies for a safe stair situation. On their website you have the option to create a drawing of your stairs to make sure you order the right size and model handrailing. They have a great service and years of experience to help you the best they can. For  more advice for a safe stairs check or previous blog post: tips for the stairs

Blog writer Dennis van de Burg


5 september 2018