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We have had many questions in recent years about making round edges on the anti-slip stair strips that we sell. How you can do this, whether the material is easy to cut with scissors, or whether you can buy round scissors. There are, after all, also people who do not want to continue the staircase strip to the corner of the stairs.

A straight edge at the ends is possible, but may not be aesthetically pleasing, and if you don't degrease the stairs very well, the corners of the stairway can sometimes curl a little over time. Cutting the ends around with good sharp scissors is possible, but it is certainly not an easy job.

The problem here is that you would like to cut all of them exactly the same curve, that is almost impossible. We thought for a long time about a good solution for this and by chance we came across a leather processor that makes oval round edges on belts with a metal percussion punch and so the idea was born quickly.

The question was whether consumers can do this easily, we have done various tests and by various people, including people who are not that handy, the conclusion from this study is that almost everyone can do this, it is important that you have a good heavy hammer and that you apply it and use it on a wooden and not springy surface.
Good alternative to replacing your kick moons

A nice advantage here is that you can use short pieces, for example as anti-slip strips of 65 cm, this is the length of a stair moon, you can then for example apply 2 wide strips, a strip of 65 cm and a strip of 40 cm, these 2 strips If you stick one after the other with a space of approximately 5 cm then you have the efect and the shape of a stair moon and this makes the paint of your stairs wear out much less quickly.

But of course you can easily use 1 strip as a replacement, then you will have enough for your entire staircase in a piece of 10 meters.

- non-slip strip cutter

Sometimes we are asked if the anti-slip strip is not for sale in a narrower version. We must always answer this with no. This anti-slip strip has been specially designed, conceived and tested by the university. Research has shown that a width of 28 mm is the most ideal width for the anti-slip strip.

Due to its width, the anti-slip strip is extremely strong, gives the best quality slip and hardly shifts, even with prolonged use. The narrower the strip is made, the more risk there is that the strip will shift slightly over time. If you have a fairly new staircase with a nice smooth surface and you thoroughly clean the surface before applying the strip, then the shifting will be better than expected. If your step is old and worn, a wider anti-slip strip is a better choice.

For those who still want a narrower anti-slip strip, you can cut the strip in the middle with this cutter, creating 2 strips of 14mm width. We advise you to extend the strip to the ends of the steps.

Applying a narrower trip is a precise job, use a ruler or a corner frame along which you apply the strip, so that you stick it in a nice straight line. A narrow strip cannot be pasted in a straight line without a conductor.

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Blog writer: Dennis van der Berg