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Creating a safe freshly painted stairs

Creating a safe freshly painted stairs

Creating a safe stairs

In the Netherlands there are a lot of houses with super steep staircases. Why are stairs made this steep? Why do the project-managers not choose a safe stairs when we are talking about a house that people live in?

In the seventies and eightees the houses were not that big, a lot of attention went to the garden and the area around the house. Often with a house like this the stairs was a bit of a burden.  That is why the stairs are often very small and steep, so they were able to fit in a small hall. 

Often the stairs should not cost to much when a house is built. As soon as the roof is on top of the house, the staircase is placed inside the house. Most of the times this stairs is made of the cheapest wood there is to find which is pinewood.  This wood is soft and shrinks and expants very easily, which causes the treads to creak a little bit.

For a contractor it is very important that the stairs will be placed in the house as soon as possible. Because for work that needs to be done upstairs, the mechanics for electricity, water etc, need to be able to go upstairs easily.

Most of the times, after completion of construction and when the house is finish, the stairs looks like a big mess. There are not more other options then to clothe it with a suitable carpet. This is also one of the most important reasons why the contracter chooses this cheap pinewood. When the house is finished and people can move in, he has the least things to worry about. Luckily, because of building regulations, the stairs these days get a lot less steep by creating two extra treads. This makes it a lot easier to get up and down the stairs.

Covering your stairs with carpet is something thats old already, these days people are more a fan of painting their stairs in a fancy color. Painting them in white or grey is totally 2016. Also complete stair renovation with the use of laminate flooring is very popular. 

The stairs should be easy in maintenance and easy to clean. This is why a lot of people prefer to have a hard and smooth surface of the stairs. The old and dirty carpet on the treads needs to be removed and be replaced by something more nice. But once you get rid of the old carpet, most of the times the stairs also needs to be sandpapered and painted in a new fresh color.

If you do this properly and carefully, the result can be amazing! In combination with a new railing in a beautiful new fresh color, you will be so happy again with a stairs that looks like new.

Once your stairs is painted, you would like to make sure it stays this nice and you don't want to get scratches all over. If you go up and down the stairs with shoes on, the paint will get off pretty fast. This is why it is important to get a good grip strip on your treads, exactly where you place your feet. Also your new freshly painted treads can be a bit slippery, so it is not a extra luxury to apply a adhesive strip. A non-slip adhesive strip self-sticking tape is the best and easiest solution. 

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