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Stair safety above all, dont you agree?

Safety on the stairs is everything!

A lot of accidents happen involving the stairs. Our stairs are very often pretty steep and have very narrow treads. Also the stairs is always open at the ground and upperfloor. For young children this is super dangerous, and you wonder why they do not design a stairs that is safe for kids. Stairmakers could provide a matching  

balustrading with the stairs, so nobody has to worry about safety any longer. In case you have a child, better start early with teaching hthem how to use the stairs safely.

Also the depth of the tread is way to short when the stairs makes a curve and because of this you cannot place your entire foot on the stairsteps. Consequence? A stairs asking for people to trip, when going down. A very unsafe situation. Luckily these days the contractors and stairs builders need to consider the sizes of the stairs when producing one, and they have to keep in mind that the steps have to be a minimum of 22cm deep.

Why does the stairmaker not think of making balustradings or a safety fence for kids? This is one of the best ways to make a stairs usable for yound children and old people, that are having difficulties using the stairs.

Here lies an important part for improvement in the construction world.

Wellicht een idee dat architecten dit in hun ontwerp plannen standaard gaan opnemen?

The carpet that is very often applied to the standard stairs is not really trendy anymore and very oldfashioned. The stairs needs to be practical and easy to be cleaned. Especially with children it is convenient to be able to clean it fast and properly. Very often these days the stairs get painted in a trendy color that matches the rest of the interior, such as creamy white or grey. Those colors match very well with all kinds of interiors and are time-less.

A big trend this moment is antracite and dark brown, those colors match very well with the modern interior combined with dark wood and country style designs. To give your paintes stairs some extra safety, it is always good to think of a balustrading or safetyfence. Another important thing is to think about your stair treads, that will be more slippery becauso of the paint.

Very often stairmats are used, also called half-moon shaped stair mats. These are available in different colors and materials so they can match any interior. Another option is an antisliprubber tape, that you can apply in the stair treads, using a woodmill, or consider the adhesive stair tape, that can be easily taped onto the treads yourself.

Blogschrijver: Dennis van de Burg




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