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Non-slip adhesive stair tape application video

Non-slip adhesive stair tape application video

Do you want to make your stairs a safe staircase? Then choose a non-slip rubber tape!

The anti-slip rubber tape has been specially developed for stairs. In many rental houses, the stairs are not equipped with a non-slip milling strip. Back in the 60s and 70s, these stairs were traditionally covered with a carpet. This is completely out today, people opt for a painted staircase. Nice and easy to clean and it is also not that expensive to purchase. There were tapes for sale that provided anti-slip, but these are sharp on the feet, move very quickly, wear out quickly because they are thin, so not the most ideal product for stairs in the home.

The anti-slip rubber tape does not have these problems, it is assumed to be durability and strength. It is a completely different material that remains beautiful for a long time and can be applied to any hard surface, such as painted wood, concrete, marble, glass, steel, etc.

The rubber strips are available in no less than 10 different colors   2 different lengths and 2 sets that have been put together for the best result. The strip is very easy to assemble by anyone, even if you are not that handy and don't do jobs that often. That is the great advantage of this product.

Do you want to know whether you can handle this job? Watch the 1-minute instruction video on how to apply this anti-slip tape. makes a mold from painters' marking tape in a simple way to then simply cut the strip exactly to the right length and then stick the strip well to each stair step with a pressure roller.

blog writer: Dennis van de Burg

August 9, 2021




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